Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tamara's Tidbits

Okay, I have been reading my kids blogs for a while and Heather has urged me to get on here and create my own. So here goes. First of all I just wanted to say how proud I am of each one of my kids and the way they are trying to get their lives in order. I see how each one of them has grown into a wonderful adult. Yes even Richard is getting better. He has a lot of growing to do but he is also starting to try, which for him is a huge advancement.

So my goal is to try and post something meaningful here at least once a week. Reflecting on my life, I realized that yesterday would have been Brad and my 29th anniversary. CRAP, II"M OLD, but wait, I couldn't have been married that long cuz, Im barely 30...hee hee! Anyway I am grateful for the wonderful years I shared with Brad and the important lessons that he taught me. I hope that I can use those better in my life. I am also grateful that I found Steve and as we look forward to our 4th anniversary I know that he is the one I am suppose to be with the second half of my life. I really think that we were meant to find each other because in the short time we have been together I have learned many lessons from him too.
I know that I am a stronger woman than I had ever given myself credit for and that I have a lot more compassion than I thought. Anyway these are my first ramblings since I have never done anything like this before, but I thought it was a great way to keep a journal since I am terrible at writing my thoughts and feelings down. So for those of you who read this, BARE WITH ME!


Heather said...

yay for starting a blog, and we'll get you prettied up soon enough

Aubrey said...

You made it! So glad to see you on here!

Thank you so much for the sweet message you left me, made my day so bright, I couldn't stop smiling. Thank you!

Looking forward to your future posts.